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Explore the Knowledge Center, a dynamic platform dedicated to advancing understanding and innovation in Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA). As a pioneering initiative, our Knowledge Center brings together a rich tapestry of research, innovation, and real-world case studies, meticulously curated to foster deeper insights and drive actionable initiatives in maritime security, blue economy, marine environment, disaster management, and beyond. With a comprehensive repository encompassing Research Notes authored by our dedicated interns, cutting-edge Innovation Notes highlighting breakthrough projects, and insightful Case Studies following the esteemed Harvard University model, our platform serves as a beacon of knowledge exchange and collaboration.


UDA Knowledge Center

Explore in-depth analyses, cutting-edge projects, and real-world problem-solving in our UDA Knowledge Hub.


Research Notes

Dive into our Research Notes for in-depth analysis and exploration of Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA), providing valuable insights and perspectives.


Innovation Notes

Explore forefront of Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) with our Innovation Notes, featuring latest advancements and pioneering projects in this dynamic field.

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Case Studies

Our concise case studies shed light on underwater challenges and opportunities in India, helping policymakers and stakeholders navigate aquatic governance effectively.

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